Technical Data Sheet
DEXICRYL TH is cross linked acrylic co-polymer dispersion in water to avoid handling viscous rheology modifier. Solution of DEXICRYL TH effectively suspends pigments, abrasives and finely divided solids. Unlike conventional thickeners DEXICRYL TH has little flocculation action, thickened lattice are free of any creaming tendency and aqueous suspensions are free of sedimentations.
Solutions of DEXICRYL TH are compatible with soaps, synthetic detergents and dispersing agents. The multivalent cat ions such as Copper, Aluminum or Iron may cause turbidity to appear in DEXICRYL TH solutions. How ever in high concentration these cat ions will precipitate the Polymer.
1. Used as a thickener in Plastic emulsion paints
2. Compatible with vinyl acetate and Acrylic Homopolymer and copolymer emulsions.
3. Gives good rheoligical properties.
Appearance : Milky white free flowing dispersion.
pH : around 3.5
% Solids : 28 + 1%
Viscosity : 4 to 10 centipoises
Ionic Charges : Anionic
Shelf life : 6 Months
DEXICRYL TH is acrylic thickening agent, used for increasing the viscosities of thin emulsions. After mixing with any water based product viscosity of which is to be increased, pH of the mixture is gradually adjusted by adding 10% solution of Sodium Hydroxide, under stirring. When pH is between 8 – 9 thickening of emulsion is observed.

DEXICRYL TH can replace 30% Kerosene used for making pigment paste, without affecting the fastness or brightness of the print.

The main advantage of using DEXICRYL TH is that solids in the emulsion can be kept at high level and thickening can be achieved in the emulsion itself by adding an alkali and it is not necessary to make thickener separately which is the usual practice in case of cellulosic thickener such as Carboxy Methyl Cellulose.