Technical Data Sheet
High solids, flexible resin with cement compatibility
DEXICRYL S 004 is an aqueous styrene acrylic copolymer dispersion, which is designed to modify hydraulic binders (Portland cement). DEXICRYL S 004 can also be used to produce flexible coatings, as well as flexible and water- resistant two-component mortars. DEXICRYL S 004 is ideal for producing crack-filling systems and flexible cementitious coatings for walls.

In addition to being compatible with hydraulic binders, DEXICRYL S 004 demonstrates watertightness and impermeability, as well as good adhesion to old surfaces. DEXICRYL S 004 also improves freeze/ thaw resistance of Portland cement mixtures. Flexibility, elasticity, and elongation also improve in DEXICRYL S 004 modified Portland cement mixtures.
• High solids content
• Cement compatibility
• Improved adhesion to cementitious coatings
• Flexibility with cement
DEXICRYL Optive product line
DEXICRYL Optive full-range line of acrylic latex resins for the architectural coatings market.
DEXICRYL Optive products are ideal for all applications including:
Wood & Masonry Specialties Other
• Interior/exterior flat through • Elastomeric coatings • Low odor/low VOC paints
  high-gloss paints • Textured coatings • EIFS
• Primer sealers • Clear coatings • Cement coatings
• Wood stains and varnishes • Anti-corrosive • Industrial maintenance coatings
Coatings Raw Materials
Coatings Raw Materials business unit manufactures high quality, state-of-the-art acrylic latex resins used in the formulation of interior and exterior architectural paints, primers, sealers, and other architectural and industrial coatings. For more information, please visit.