Technical Data Sheet
DEXICRYL CML is a aqueous dispersion of an acrylic ter-polymer for glossy paints, primers, texture finishes and binder for clear aggregate coatings, adhesives The inherent properties of acrylic co-polymers including stability to light and weathering, resistant to acids, alkalies, greases are combined in DEXICRYL CML.
DEXICRYL CML is mainly used as a binder for wood paints, gloss, satin gloss emulsions and architectural satin finishes. DEXICRYL CML is mainly used to manufacture building adhesives as tile adhesives in paste form & panel adhesives, High binding power of DEXICRYL CML allows it to be used to formulate primers, texture finishes, sealants and paints.
Formulation that contains pigment and fillers has to contain dispersing agent in sufficient quantity to ensure that they remain stable in storage.To ensure the viscosity of the made-up paint does not undergo any change during long storage periods, the pigments and extenders must be well dispersed with adequate amounts of wetting and dispersing agents. To regulate the viscosity, flow and to improve the brush ability various thickeners like hydroxy ethyl cellulose, cellular ethers along with polyacrylates thickeners (eg. DEXICRYL G 301) is recommended.
DEXICRYL CML being a small particle size emulsion has a tendency to foam. Hence, addition of commercial defoamers is recommended. Addition of coalescing solvent helps in working in temperatures below 150C, the effective ones being glycol ethers.
Although DEXICRYL CML is protected from attack by micro-organisms it is necessary to add preservatives to the finished products to ensure good pot shelf. Manufacturers must carry out their own trials for developing products based on DEXICRYL CML since such trials are affected by large number of factors which we cannot cover exhaustively in our own trials.
Storage and handling procedures should follow the good practices recognized for latexes. Storage tanks should be corrosion resistant. Stainless Steel, fiberglass and glass or phenolic or epoxy – lined steel are suitable. Piping and circulating pumps should also similarly protect.
DEXICRYL CML is stable to prolonged heating at 50°C and can be frozen without coagulation nevertheless such treatment tends to reduce the stability of any latex. Such extremes of temperature should be avoided. Store above 5°C. Do not freeze.