DEXICRYL 07V03 S (Soft)

Technical Data Sheet
Aqueous polymer dispersion used to manufacture all types of adhesives, primers and textured finishes
Chemical Nature: Aqueous dispersion of a VAM VEOVA 10 copolymer
Product specification Solids content % 50 + 1
  Apparent viscosity at 23°c (Brookfield RV, Spindle5,20 rpm) mPa.s 2000-6000
  pH   4 - 6
The aforementioned data shall constitute the agreed contractual quality of the product at the time of passing of risk. The data are controlled at regular intervals as part of our quality assurance program. Neither these data nor the properties of product specimens shall imply any legally binding guarantee of certain properties or of fitness for a specific purpose. No liability of ours can be delivered therefrom.
Other properties of
The dispersion
Density g/cm3 approx. 1.04
  Minimum film-forming temp °c approx. 11
  Ionic charge   Anionic
  Plasticizer content % Free of plasticizers
  Miscibility with water   Good
  Pigment-binding power 0 Very high
  Sensitivity to frost   Sensitive to frost
Film properties Density g/cm3 approx. 1.08
  Glass transition temp Tg (DSC) °c approx. 12
  Dried film   Clear
  Appearance   Transparent
  Average particle size   0.3 - 0.5 micron
  Surface   Tack – Free
  Flexibility   Good
  Resistance to ageing   Good
  Resistance to light   Good
DEXICRYL 07V03 S (Soft) is used to manufacturer building adhesives such as tile adhesives in paste form and panel adhesives, etc. The high binding power of DEXICRYL 07V03 S (Soft) also allow it to be used to formulate primers, textured finishes and sealants.

Formulations that contain pigments and fillers have to contain dispersing agents in sufficient quantities to ensure that they remain stable in storage.

The minimum film-forming temperature of DEXICRYL 07V03 S (Soft) can be lowered by adding a coalescent solvent in the required quantity. Cellulose ethers and polyacrylates can be used to adjust the viscosity.

Commercial defoamers can be used to suppress foam. It is usually sufficient to ass 0.05 – 0.2%, expressed as a proportion of the adhesive. The exact amount of defoamer has to determine in trials.

We would recommend adding preservatives to adhesives and sealants that contain DEXICRYL 07V03 S (Soft) to protect them from microbial attack over long periods in storage. The compatibility and efficacy of preservatives must be tested in trials.
Safety General
The usual safety precautions when handling chemicals must be observed. In particular, the place of work must be well ventilated if large quantities are processed, the skin should be protected, and safety glasses should be worn at all times.
Safety Data Sheet
A safety Data Sheet is available for DEXICRYL 07V03 S (Soft) which contains up-to-date information on all questions relevant to safety.
According to all the data at our disposal, DEXICRYL 07V03 S (Soft) does not need to be labelled as a dangerous substance or preparation as defined in the relevant European Union directives according to their current status.
DEXICRYL 07V03 S (Soft) has a shelf life of six months at 10-30°c in tightly sealed containers. Like other polymer dispersions, DEXICRYL 07V03 S (Soft) is sensitive to iron, copper, zinc and aluminium. It must not be allowed to come into contact with these metals or their alloys in storage or in pipeline, mixers and other industrial equipment. We would recommend treating this product with a biocide in order to prevent problems with microorganisms from occurring during storage and processing. Further details are given in our leaflet on “The handling and storage of polymer dispersions”