Technical Data Sheet
Introduction: DEXICOL SH is an externally plasticized Poly Vinyl Acetate Adhesive dispersion in water.
It is versatile adhesive for extensive applications in different industries.
1 Appearance Milky white free flowing viscous liquid.
2 Type Poly Vinyl Acetate, dispersion in water.
3 Non volatile contents 43 + 1%
4 Viscosity (Brookfield, Sp No.5 20 RPM) 250 to 400 poise.
5 Dry film Properties Slightly hazy, tack free, hard, tough, flexible, good adherent and wetting.
6 Curing Time 8 - 10 hrs.
It is used in the manufacture of: -
1. Wood furniture and their ancillaries.
2. Decorative laminated wood and plywood furniture.
3. Cabinets of wall clock, TV and Radio etc.,
4. Bodies and coaches of Railways and Buses etc.
5. Sport articles and Toys etc.,
6. Handy Crafts.
7. In fixing ceramic tiles, thermacol insulation's, wall papers, paper boards, paper lables and Asbestos etc.,
8. Also used in book binding and packaging industries.
DEXICOL SH can be compounded with Poly vinyl Acetate emulsions and Poly Vinyl Alcohol's to decrease the plasticity and increase drying time as per the requirement of the manufacturer’s procedures. Plasticisers like Di Butyl Phthalate, di Octyl Phthalate, Tri Crecyl Phosphate, Hydrogenated rosin derivatives can be compounded with DEXICOL SH to increase the tack. Thickeners like Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, Poly Vinyl Alcohols, can be added which will increase the drying time of the adhesive. DEXICOL SH contains fungicide, which keeps the furniture moth free.
Knife coating: Manual or Mechanical.
DEXICOL SH is non toxic and non inflammable during the storage & handling. Equipments and tools used can be easily washed immediately with water.DEXICOL SH is slightly corrosive to iron and mild steel. It should be stored in glass, Polyethylene, stainless steel or plastic lined metal containers.